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Chemical Corporation UK

Chemical Corporation UK, based distributor of Mobil Lubricants and Greases have developed a complete oil exchange service package designed to cope with the difficult demands and conditions when servicing wind turbines. This unique service package will remove some of the dangers and risks that have historically surrounded oil exchanges on these towering giants in the past. The pumping systems are capable of delivering heated clean gear oil and hydraulic oil products to turbines standing over 400ft. while also reducing the service time down by up to 75%. When combining this level of service with the superb range of Mobil Lubricants & Greases that Chemical Corporation have to offer customers, they have developed a perfect solution to meet the demands and needs of this growing industry.

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Offline oil filtration equipment for wind turbines.
CJC offline oil filtration units assure a clean oil for wind turbines, key factor in providing a long life for wind turbine gearboxes.

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Emerson-Power Transmission Solutions

Emerson's products include torsionally flexible and torsionally rigid couplings, covering the whole range of power from 300 kW up to 5MW, with our well-known solutions through different product technology: IXIFLEX, COMPOLINK, LAMIDISC

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James Walker
James Walker OSJ RotaBolt

James Walker & Co.

James Walker Walkersele OSJ-2

Special sealing technology for wind turbines. Product life extended by using Walkersele high performance sealing technology on main shafts, gearboxes, blade roots and yaw bearings.
Using Walkersele’s unique on-site jointing systems, a main rotary seal can be replaced in ½ hour, delivering the same integrity as an endless seal.

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James Walker RotaBolt

The RotaBolt system assures the correct bolt tension and it maintains that tension, for a long period of time, due to it’s innovative „fit and forget” system; traditional methods are not able to do that.

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