• 100+ m dual hose reel
  • Used oil tank
  • Fluid level guage
  • Vacuum in new oil
  • New oil tank
  • 3 micron filtration unit
  • Fresh fluid pump
  • Secondary containment pan
  • Air compressor
  • Heating system
  • Flush tank (optional)

Sage Oil Vac


pdf  SOV Specifications

    Sage Oil Vac manufactures a Gear Oil Exchange System that improves turbine gearbox maintenance. The system uses a patented process to evacuate and refill gearboxes. The enclosed process eliminates the lifting of heavy buckets reduces mess and spills and is. environmentally friendly.Sage Oil Vac is a USA patented equipment,in Europe supplied by Chemical Corporation, UK.
  We provide trained personnel for operating the Sage Oil Vac equipment.
  Transportation of the Sage Oil Vac trailer to your location (Romania, Bulgaria).
  We insure the disposal of waste oil in accordance with the Enviroment Law of Romania/Bulgaria.

  The Sage Oil Vac System can deliver ISO 320 viscosity grade gear oil at a rate of 4-6 gallons (15-22 liters) per minute.*
  The Sage Oil Vac System can vacuum gear oil directly from the tower gearbox at a rate of 2-4 gallons (8-15 liters) per minute.*

*Actual delivery and suction times depend on factors affecting viscosity, such as oil temperature.